4 Ways Machine Learning can Improve Social Media Marketing

4 Ways Machine Learning can Improve Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have millions of active users. It means that you can reach millions of new users to sell your products and services with social media marketing. 63% of customers prefer to use the customer support of different brands through social media platforms instead of email and phone calls. Almost every brand out there has some kind of social media presence. Many businesses are solely based on their social media following.

Machine Learning and Social Media Marketing

Today, mastering the art of social media marketing is critical for business success. Social media platforms are introducing the latest tools to assist businesses in their social media marketing campaigns. Most of these social media marketing tools and strategies are based on machine learning and AI. The use of machine learning for social media marketing enables businesses and marketers to generate more leads and sales with targeted marketing.

1. Social Media Monitoring

Most of the social media platforms have their built-in monitoring tools for analytics. Like on Instagram and Facebook, you can analyze the number of likes and comments on your posts. You can also analyze the reach of all posts to determine which posts are doing better in terms of user engagement. There are some 3rd party tools too that can be used to enhance social media marketing efforts. The use of AI and machine learning suggests the businesses with the best possible edits and recommendations based on the performance of their strategies.

2. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the advanced application of machine learning, and it is also known as emotion AI or opinion mining. This technique analyzes the user intent based on the nature of the text. The process of sentiment analysis uses both machine learning and Natural Language Processing to determine the nature of the text.

Businesses and marketers use sentiment analysis to gather public feedback and reviews about their newly launched products and services. The use of this process can also help the business to understand the behaviour of their audience towards their competitors.

3. Image Recognition

Machine learning can produce results for any brand logo or mark without using any kind of extra information and text. Businesses use a machine learning approach to detect their brand logo and products. Just imagine that an online user uploaded a photo of the product with your logo to social media, and he wants to know where he can buy this product.

If you can timely detect that post with machine learning, you can convert that visitor to your potential client.

4. Chatbots for Social Media Marketing

User engagement is one of the most important factors of social media marketing. Instead of hiring a team of customer support agents for 24/7 duty, you can use smart Chatbots for your business. These intelligent Chatbots are powered by machine learning and can respond to the user’s query according to his intent. More engagement with visitors can help you land more clients and make more sales with the least investment in human resources.